St. Patty's Day Mornin'

Written by: Chris Murphy & Caitlin Donaghy


St. Patty's Day Mornin' and we're feelin' fine
We ain't cookin' chicken; we ain't drinkin' wine
Corned beef and potatoes and beer colored green
And Tullamore Dew; you know what I mean

Whether the weather is dreary or bright
We'll be celebrating deep into the night
Still drunk the next mornin'; wake up on the floor
We don't need no aspirin; we'll just drink some more


Everyone's Irish come St. Patty's Day
Drinkin' and fighting' the old Irish Way
May the luck of the Irish always be near
And St. Patty's Day be each day of the year

Easter is fine; and Christmas is ok
But St. Patty's is the best alcholiday

Donaghy's been drinkin' since 7am
Murphy'll be drunk till he's drinkin' again
Burke's at the bar with Clancy and Finn
But Gaffney's too drunk, they won't let him in


© 2010 Chris Murphy