Jimmy The Irish Greek

Music & Lyrics by Chris Murphy and Panagiotis Koufogiannis

Here's a story good as gold of how tradition dies 
With twists and turns and lessons learned and clever alibis 
If a charming story is the kind of fun you seek 
Then listen to the story of Jimmy the Irish Greek 

Jimmy's a Greek who lives in the States, the melting pot of the world 
What makes him unique is he went out on dates with a fine young Irish girl 
If her grandmother knew she'd disapprove, his chances seemed quite bleak 
That is unless he passed the test as Jimmy the Irish Greek 

The day arrived for them to give grandma the news 
She would be angry and Jimmy would just have the blues 
He thought that he'd be dead until his girlfriend said 
that Jimmy Murphy was his name 

She let Jimmy in and said with grin "Would Murphy like some drinks?" 
"To refuse is a sin, let the party begin!" is how a Murphy thinks 
She washed with booze ol' Jimmy's blues; he passed out for a week 
So fill your cup and lift it up to Jimmy the Irish Greek!

© 2011 Chris Murphy